Hospital and Medical Equipment Liquidation Services

Hospital and Medical Equipment Liquidation Services

Looking for a medical equipment buyer, hospital liquidator or
liquidation company to help sell or remove medical equipment assets
from your hospital, surgery center, doctor office, long term care
facility, nursing school or medical office – practice?

“We Buy, Sell, Recycle and Liquidate Medical Equipment from
Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Doctor Offices, Long term Care
Facilities and Urgent Care Centers all Over California, Arizona, Nevada,
Texas, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Illinois,
Ohio, Indiana and 
all over the USA”. 

We liquidate medical equipment and hospital equipment in all 50 states and
are one of the largest medical equipment dealers in the USA
selling over 10,000 hospital beds, over 2,500 stretchers and
other medical equipment including: patient room furniture,
surgical equipment, disposable medical equipment, waiting room
furniture, cafeteria equipment, office equipment, doctor office
exam room equipment, imaging equipment including MRI’s,
CT’s, ultrasounds and portable x ray equipment and more.

We are the #1 Medical equipment liquidator in the USA with locations
in California, Indiana and Virginia. We can help buy, sell and liquidate
hospital equipment and medical equipment from a variety of ways including:

1. Buying Medical Equipment – depending on the age, quality and
value of surplus medical equipment we purchase it, pick it up
and bring it back to one of our regional warehouse locations.
We are able to maximize the value of medical assets for hospitals,
surgery centers and medical clinics by selling it direct to thousands
of buyers world wide. We also work with hundreds of Internationals
buyers many of whom are setting up or operating International hospital
locations in Africa, India, Pakistan and Latin America.

2. Selling Medical Equipment – depending on location of hospital
or medical facility we can also post the medical equipment on
our group of websites including, and other sites and also send a list of
equipment for sale to our email medical buyer list to help find a
买彩票怎么买彩票 buyers for the medical equipment and sell direct from the facility.

3. Donate Medical Equipment a 501 C3 charity group where
your company or organization can get a full tax write off
and donate the items to a charity group. We then work direct
with the charity to pick up and re-purpose the medical equipment
to oversea hospitals in Africa, Latin America and other International
destinations where equipment is in great need. Donating medical
equipment keeps the items from going to a landfill and allows
those in need the opportunity to give the equipment longer life.
We work with a host of charities that help set up and work
买彩票怎么买彩票 with hospitals around the world

4. Set up for an online medical auction. If the amount of medical equipment
exceeds $10,000 and it is not feasible for one buyer to take all the medical
and hospital equipment then many times an online medical equipment
auction is an excellent opportunity to sell and liquidate all medical equipment
in a timely manner and list the equipment to thousands of buyers around the world.
Although we can sell hospital medical equipment via auction we are normally
able to guarantee higher sales prices by selling it direct to our medical equipment
buyers around the world.

The Process of Medical Equipment Liquidation
The liquidation process includes sending staff to the locations, assessing the
hospital equipment for sale, discussing the best options for getting
maximum value of the surplus medical equipment and then
executing a plan to purchase, sell, auction or donate the medical
equipment to one of the many charity organizations we work with
that distribute equipment to International hospitals. For smaller
medical facilities like doctor offices and urgent care centers we
can do almost everything by phone and email.

Liquidated Medical equipment going to start a new hospital in Kenya Africa.

liquidated medical equipment going to start a new hospital in kenya africa.

We are a medical equipment liquidator, broker and distributor that
helps hospitals, doctor offices, surgery centers, urgent care facilities,
“DME’s”, recycling centers and long term care centers  with medical
equipment removal and liquidation including:
Stryker, Hill Rom and other types of hospital beds, gurneys,
stretchers, over bed tables and hospital furniture, imaging
equipment, including MRI’s, CT’s, x ray equipment, ultrasounds
and other diagnostic equipment, surgical equipment including OR
tables, surgical lights, patient monitors, filing cabinets, waiting room
furniture, exam tables, medical disposables, operating room
equipment and more.

Liquidator selling medical hospital equipment to Kenya Africa organization.

liquidator selling medical hospital equipment to kenya africa organization.

Need to Liquidate Hospital or Medical Equipment?
Call us at (858) 263-4894, (540) 327-7376 or or email at Please send us a
list of medical equipment for sale, location and photos.
We will call or email you back to discuss the best options
for getting compensation for your medical equipment.

We help hospitals liquidate medical surplus for cash and get space back in warehouse and storage.

we help hospitals liquidate medical surplus for cash and get space back in warehouse and storage.

We find equipment for sale and first try to find a second
life for the items by finding local and international buyers
买彩票怎么买彩票 including other hospitals and medical centers.

We are able to split the commissions on the sales and
offer 20% of proceeds to the hospital or medical center
or sometimes we can establish a cash price for all items
买彩票怎么买彩票 and sell for an immediate liquidation.

We specialize in hospital beds, medical gurneys and hospital furniture!

we specialize in hospital beds, medical gurneys and hospital furniture!

“Hospital Direct Medical Equipment” specializes in
finding medical centers and international buyers for
medical equipment and many of the items are also sold to
medical brokers to be refurbished and reconditioned.

If you are a biomedical engineer or hospital administrator
looking for a way to liquidate medical surplus for cash
and gain back much needed storage and warehouse space
call us at 858-263-4894 and provide us more information on
the items you have for sale.  (Ask for Sean or Gloria)

Contact Us to Sell and Liquidate Medical Equipment Inventory
You can also email us Excel spreadsheets, equipment lists,
photos and other items at
We will review the email and call and discuss the best options
for liquidating your surplus medical and hospital equipment.
Phone: (858) 652-1259 or (858) 263-4894. We will forward
information to our regional office from these numbers.

Looking to purchase surplus medical equipment?
You can visit some of our websites below or email us
at with a request of
items you are looking for. Some of our websites are
listed below. You can also call us at 858-263-4894

or CONSIGNMENT – serving San Diego, Orange County,
Riverside County, Los Angeles County and anywhere in
California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Utah,
Oregon and Washington.

We buy and sell medical gurneys, beds, stretchers and hospital furniture.

we buy and sell medical gurneys, beds, stretchers and hospital furniture.

Medical Equipment Buyer specializing in all types of surplus
medical equipment – get a free quote on what your medical
beds, ultrasounds, surgical tables and other items are worth
email us at

Used and Surplus Medical and Hospital Equipment Wholesaler

Hospital Direct Medical Equipment
“New, Used and Surplus Medical and Hospital Equipment”
4901 Morena Blvd. #600
San Diego Ca., 92117
9AM to 5PM Mon-Fri
10AM to 2PM Saturday
USA Office phone: (858) 263-4894
USA Email:

Liquidating a Medical Practice, Doctor Office or Hospital?

We buy medical equipment from locations all over the USA
Email us at
with items you are looking to sell or call (858) 652-1259.

Our Hospital – Medical Liquidation Locations – Covering the United States
with hospital and medical liquidation services. Medical equipment disposal
and removal of surplus medical equipment.

California Medical Equipment Liquidator Company Location – San Diego
We work with Southern California hospitals that are receiving new medical
equipment, moving locations or closing down and take their inventory,
refurbish it and then re-sell it to hospitals, clinics, doctor offices and other
places that need quality used medical equipment at a much lower price
than brand new. We also sell medical items in “as is” working condition
and keep the prices down for those looking for medical equipment at
a cheaper price or for medical brokers looking to resell. We also
pick up and liquidate medical equipment in Nevada, Arizona and
all over the West Coast from our California medical warehouse.

Indiana Medical Equipment Location – Aurora Indiana – 20 miles west
of Cincinnati Ohio. Our Indiana location helps us provide medical
equipment liquidation services to Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee,
Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Mississippi, Alabama,
Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas along with other states in the

Virginia Medical Equipment Liquidation Company location
Winchester and Richmond Virginia
Our Virginia medical equipment liquidation locations help liquidate,
buy – sell hospital equipment in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC,
New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina,
South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Florida and most East
Coast locations.

We always are getting new medical equipment inventory and
can outfit any type of operating room or surgical procedure facility with high
quality anesthesia equipment, lighting and operating tables.

Contact us for any questions on medical equipment
inventory and to visit our medical equipment warehouses where
you can see and test ALL THE INVENTORY before you purchase it.
Call Sean at 858-652-1259 to order or to set up an appointment.

San Diego wholesale medical supply, reconditioned medical equipment San Diego,
San Diego hospital equipment liquidators, San Diego medical equipment wholesale
Hospital direct used medical equipment for sale, used medical equipment
broker, dealer specializing in new, used and surplus medical equipment.

We buy and sell surplus medical equipment. If you have items to
sell email us photos and model information to

Hospital Direct Medical Equipment Inc.
“New, Used and Surplus Medical and Hospital Equipment”
4190 Morena Blvd. #600
San Diego Ca., 92117
9AM to 5PM Mon-Fri
10AM to 2PM Saturday
California Office phone: (858) 263-4894
USA Email:

Hospital Direct Medical Virginia LLC
1114 Fairfax Pike #212
White Post Virginia 22663
Virginia Office Phone: (540) 327-7376
USA Email:

1 used medical medical equipment san diego – used and reconditioned hospital equipment

Medical Equipment Buyer, Medical Equipment Liquidator California, San Diego
Los Angeles, Orange County and Riverside County. We purchase and sell wholesale
medical and hospital equipment to medical centers and brokers all over the world.

Hospital Direct Medical Equipment Inc.
“New, Used and Surplus Medical and Hospital Equipment”
4190 Morena Blvd. #600
San Diego Ca., 92117
9AM to 5PM Mon-Fri
10AM to 2PM Saturday
California Office phone: (858) 263-4894
USA Email:

Hospital Direct Medical Virginia LLC
1114 Fairfax Pike #212
White Post Virginia 22663
Virginia Office Phone: (540) 327-7376
USA Email:

USA hospital equipment liquidator, medical equipment buyer,
sell hospital beds, hospital bed buyer, hospital liquidation company,
medical equipment recycling, surplus medical buyer, re-purpose
medical equipment and keep it from going into landfills.

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    买彩票怎么买彩票i have some used pt equipment for sale: biodex system 2 with work hardening tools, cybex back extension with range limiters, vectra 4c us/estim, biodex leg press, chattanooga traction txe tables, chattanooga adapta hi-lo table. good condition-clinic closed. pictures available via email.


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